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The instructors will help “YOU” achieve your full potential. They cover each section with in-depth lessons. The “YOU” focused curriculum adapts to your strengths and weaknesses, so “YOU” can focus on what you need to know.

Computer Adaptive Tests

covering all the 4 sections

Hours of Classroom Coaching

with detailed discussion on each type of question

Topic-wise Tests

at 3 different level of difficulty

Course Features

GMAT prep that fits “YOU”
  • GRE 1
  • GRE 2
  • GRE 3
  • GRE 4
Truly personalized course that studies the way YOU think and tells you how to do better. You provided with a personalized study plan once YOU have covered one-third of the program.
The Wizius Instructors cover every topic with in-depth lessons with hundreds of realistic questions and computer adaptive tests. They give YOU problems geared towards YOUR level, so YOU never feel like studying is overwhelming.
Our instructors realize that a big part of the test preparation for YOU is motivation to study and confidence about YOUR performance. They send YOU personalized encouragement on YOUR progress. Finally, Wizius Instructors break down each part of the test to help YOU gain confidence.
A prep program designed to support YOU. A small class to maintain the right balance of individual attention and active participation so that YOU develop the thinking skills required to crack the test.
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Work 1-to-1 with our expert admissions counselors including alumni from Harvard, Stanford, and other big schools. They help you shortlist universities on YOUR FIT so that you make it your dream school.


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